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Upcoming offers

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Fire Shake ❤️‍🔥

Sagayoga Punavuori 
Sunday June 16 | 15:00-17:00

Fire Shake event square

It’s here: summer and an extra long Shake the Dust session.

Straight from and for the heart. A physical and poetical 2h practice to celebrate summer and the fire element. Let’s shake!

This two-hour practice will deepen the experience of one of Chiara’s most liked classes, Shake The Dust. Making time for everything that might otherwise come too short – burpees too 😉 Worry not, you’ve got this!

More information and booking via Sagayoga.

Yoga & Husky retreat 🐺

Nomadic Naali Ivalo | Cooperation
August 31 – September 04

Self-awareness and wilderness break during the Indian Summer (“Ruska”) in Finnish Lapland. 

The retreat is a cooperation with Nomadic Naali. An animal welfare wilderness camp that strives for a large-scale change in the sled dog industry through their unique approach and educational work.

Each of my visits at Nomadic Naali was a stop, a deep breath in Europe’s cleanest air, and a reconnection to nature within and around me.

This retreat combines yoga, meditation, animal and husky therapy, outdoor awareness exercises, sauna, dips in arctic water, full board, and the freedom to experience the retreat in your own rythm.

More information and booking via Nomadic Naali.

Elemental Harvest 🌾

Villa Saga Kirkkonummi
October 19 – October 20

A one night experience through which we reconnect with the five elements – Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire.

Time to harvest what you’ve grown throughout the year. Welcome to a journey with the elements. This one night experience combines movement classes, mindful practices, outdoor time, a cold plunge in the near by lake, sauna, theoretical and practical knowledge about the elements, nourishing food, and the freedom to make this experience your own!

For everyone who has a body. No need to have previous experiences or knowledge of Chinese Medicine, the elements, or Chiara’s classes.

Join us at Villa Saga, a harmonious space for relaxing, taking some time off from everyday tasks, and enjoying life to the fullest. Located just 25 min drive from Helsinki.

Let's meet on the mat soon!

For unique offers please contact chiara.mainful@gmail.com 💌
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