Who is Chiara?

We are creatures of stories.
We are the stories we tell.
We are the stories we’re told.

Oliver Jeffers

I believe that our stories are changing daily. Maybe even faster. But to give you an idea about me I will tell you some constant parameter about me.

Hopefully I remember to update them from time to time.

Some parameters of my life in July 2021:

My name is Chiara Loos and I was born and raised in Frankfurt Germany. I moved to Finland to connect more with nature and myself and to finish my studies. So far I followed these plans. In 2020 I spent more time than ever outside. Hiking, blueberry and mushroom picking, camping, and a lot of other outdoor stuff. I truly fell in love with Finnish nature.

I also fell in love with myself. Mostly on the yoga mat but also between the pages of books. Picking up my old hobby reading was one of my best decisions in 2020. I made a lot of time for myself and discovered that it’s amazing to find a true connection to yourself. That’s why I want to share with you some of the tools that helped me <3

My jobs are: being a full-time student in International Business, creating magic for you, and working for sagayoga. You can learn more about my work for sagayoga here.
My Bachelors’s studies are slowly coming to an end and I am currently writing my thesis about the ageing of our societies, how we can make ageing more inclusive, and what we need to make life enjoyable until the last moments. I plan to continue my studies to find more answers to my questions. And I truly believe that the world of yoga offers parts of the answers as well! If you want to learn more about my business background: connect with me on LinkedIn.

Any questions? Please ask! I love to communicate <3

My Yoga Background. Trainings & Immersions:

  • February 2021 Authentic Flow Yoga Teacher Training 200h | Satu Tuomela, Fanny Olsson, Evy Ferraro, Leeladasi & Mike Bloch- Levermore | Online (included Embodied Yin, Embodied Mama, Embodied Tantra)
  • March & April 2021 Shake The Dust Teacher Training 50h | Satu Tuomela | Online

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