Elemental Harvest 🌾

A one night experience through which we reconnect with the five elements – Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire.

Villa Saga Kirkkonummi
October 19, Saturday – October 20, Sunday
Early bird until July 19: 289€
Regular price: 339€

Time to harvest what you’ve grown throughout the year.
Welcome to a journey with the five elements of Chinese Medicine. This one night experience combines movement classes, mindful practices, outdoor time, a cold plunge in the near by lake, sauna, theoretical and practical knowledge about the elements, nourishing food, and the freedom to make this experience your own!

For everyone who has a body. No need to have previous experiences or knowledge of Chinese Medicine, the elements, or Chiara’s classes.



14:00 Arrival
14:30 Earth practice, the element of the season – A gentle yoga flow to ground and arrive
17:00 Metal practice – Golden hour walk in the surrounding forest
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Water practice – Yin yoga with trigger point release
21:30 Down time


7:00 A cold plunge into the near-by lake + morning Sauna (optional, like the whole program)
9:00 Wood practice – Expanding pranayama and meditation
9:30 Fire practice – Shake the Dust from and with the heart
10:30 Nourishing brunch
12:00 Messages from the universe and closing circle
13:00 Packing & returning home re-connected

About the host and her team: Chiara is a certified yoga teacher who has been holding space at Sagayoga since 2021 after she moved from Frankfurt to Helsinki in 2020. The five elements of Chinese Medicine, tantric philosophy, and inclusive anatomy were big parts of her training. Chiara’s classes are welcoming, with a sprinkle of magic, and give space for your unique way of moving. She will be supported by her partner Ben, her good friend Pinja, and her dog Franky. Ben is a gentle soul who likes fishing, good food, and living the slow life. Pinja is an adventurer who likes meeting new people, pushing her boundaries, and travelling the world. Franky is the best dog in the world (ofc) who likes cheese, butt scratches, and sleeping (she will mainly stay with Ben in the kitchen, with enough distance to the food production! Please tell us if you’re allergic or afraid <3).
Food: Healthy, nutritious, vegetarian/vegan. You might learn one or two things about the elements also through the food. Inform any allergies and limitations during sign up.
Rooms and sleeping: Staying in 2-4 person rooms. Beds with natural materials.
We provide: Bed linen, towels, bathrobe, food, coffee/tea/water/juices, everything you need for the yoga.
Bring with you: Comfy clothes, water bottle, a swimsuit if you want to join the dip and sauna, something suitable for the outdoors – check the weather forecast!
Location: Villa Saga, Kirkkonummi, Sepänkyläntie 303a
Time: Saturday 19.10.24 14:00 / Sunday 20.10.24 13:30
Price: 289€ (Early Bird until 19.07.), 339€ (regular price)
Book your spot through the link below that takes you to the webshop 
You will be asked the following questions after purchasing:

– Any food allergies/diet that the kitchen team can take into consideration?
– Do you have any physical conditions, injuries, etc. that Chiara should be aware of?
– Do you book together with someone & would like to sleep in the same room?
– Which element do you feel most drawn to?
– Open field for your questions.

By car: 30 min from Helsinki. Enough parking for everyone.
By public transport: On Saturday the train departing from Helsinki will take you to the Masala station, 3km from Villa Saga. We can arrange to pick you up if you arrive with the 13:45 train (leaves from Helsinki 13:10) and drop you there on Sunday, the train leaves 13:40 and arrives in Helsinki 14:20.

Villa Saga impressions

What you will do

The team


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